Killers (2014)

KillersPosterKazuki Kitamura as Nomura Shuhei
Oka Antara as Bayu Aditya
Rin Takanashi as Hisae Kawahara
Luna Maya as Dina Aditya
Ray Sahetapy as Dharma
Ersya Aurelia as Elly Aditya

While I’m no follower of Asian cinema, some movies from this part of the world do deliver. Two good actors, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, hail from the global East, for instance, and made some very good movies, both in their homes and here in the USA. My biggest problem with Asian cinema is that so many of its films are light on plot and drama. I wouldn’t say that Killers is light on drama, but the plot part does have some holes.

We have Nomura Shuhei, a young Tokyo-based executive who has a rather unusual hobby. Being one of those with a sick sense of reality, he is a serial killer who uploads the video of his murders onto the Internet so we can all see them. Meanwhile, Indonesia is home to a journalist, Bayu Aditya, who becomes obsessed with exposing the truth about a politician, Dharma. So much so that this obsession ends up destroying his career and marriage. Eventually, Bayu sees one of Nomura’s videos and gets the idea of becoming a more righteous kind of serial killer from those videos. Like Nomura, Bayu uploads his killings onto the Internet. Eventually, events cause the two killers to meet up and have it out.


These “pleasant” scenes are anything but, aren’t they?

As you can probably tell at this point, Killers is a very gruesome movie. It’s basically about sick and twisted people killing other people. Definitely not for everyone. We get to see their descent into madness and the shooting techniques and dialogue used for this purpose are superb!

This movie also spares no gore when it comes to the murders. No surprise, seeing as how Japan’s entertainment industry seems to be less restricted than America’s (see the heavy censorship in anime).


Are there any videos that aren’t on video sites?

I do have one complaint, though. The plot doesn’t really progress in the most believable way. One such plot hole is in the form of Nomura being knocked unconscious in an attempted murder. Instead of either killing him in his sleep or calling the police, the prospective victim just runs away. The obvious reason is because the script demands that Nomura live.

So it’s not the best attempt at macabre drama. Still, if you’re into this sort of thing, Killers is worth watching.

Overall: 7 out of 10


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