Curse of Chucky

CurseofChuckyPosterFiona Dourif as Nica Pierce
Danielle Bisutti as Barb Pierce
Brennan Elliott as Ian
Maitland McConnell as Jill
Summer H. Howell as Alice
Chantal Quesnel as Sarah Pierce
Brad Dourif as Chucky/Charles Lee Ray
Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany

Since many see the 1980s as the golden age of horror, it’s no wonder that the horror series of that decade keep getting rebooted. Hell, Halloween was rebooted twice. Most of these horror series deserved it. But some would say that Child’s Play didn’t. It was never a very scary series, even at its best. It was a niche series. Over the top and goofy. One could even argue that it was so bad it was good. Curse of Chucky is just plain bad.

Why? Let’s begin with the casting. Brad Dourif once again voices Chucky. You might also remember him as Grima Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Anyway, he does a decent job as the main antagonist of these movies. The rest of the cast is pretty bad but not much worse than the norm in this genre.


I can’t. The obvious reason is that this scene makes fun of itself for me.

What is much worse than the norm is the gratuitous directorial gimmicks. Bits like an extreme close-up of dinner food show that director Don Mancini really went wild with this movie. I half-expected a circle wipe. This isn’t scary, just annoying.

Another problem is that the kills aren’t well-done. We have our first character dying in the movie’s opening minutes. So much for building up the suspense. Additionally, the kills that happen on camera are not very inventive, to say the least.


Lack of blood with a removed eye?

And then there’s the complete and total lack of logic. I admit that horror movies stretch suspension of disbelief to the limit and beyond, but does that mean I can’t take notice of the fact that Chucky has trouble catching a girl in a wheelchair?

This version of Chucky is a tad tragic. That surprises me. The original portrayed his life before he became a living doll as that of a thug. No more, no less. This tragic background does add a little depth to the character, but only a little. It’s not really the most well-conceived and very little time is spent on it. Chucky knowing the magic spell that transfers his soul to a doll is still as hard to swallow as ever.

We have yet another ending that builds up to a sequel. Chucky actually emerges more or less triumphant. His girlfriend, Tiffany, makes a surprise appearance as the person who delivers him in packages to his soon-to-be victims. And the final seconds leave a mystery behind that only a sequel can solve.

Even though I don’t like Curse of Chucky, I have to admit that there’s a very real possibility that a sequel can work better. The directorial gimmicks can be toned down, the horror and kills can be better polished, and Chucky can be made a better horror villain like he was in the first two or three movies of this series.

Of course, it'll always be hard to be scared of a doll. But since this kid thought that, maybe I should take my criticism back.

Of course, it’ll always be hard to be scared of a doll. But since this kid thought that, maybe I should take my criticism back.

But for now, this is irrelevant. Curse of Chucky is a pretty weak horror film. It tries but doesn’t cut it in the end.

Overall: 3 out of 10


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