Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

ScottPilgrimPosterMichael Cera as Scott Pilgrim
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers
Ellen Wong as Knives Chau
Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells
Jason Schwartzman as Gideon Gordon Graves

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is an action comedy with a lot of pop culture, comic book, movie, anime, and especially video game references. It appears to have become a cult classic, but in my opinion, it’s rather overrated.

Scott Pilgrim is a gamer with an apparent obsession with how Pac-Man got his name and a member of a music band who is unlucky at love. This movie centers around his encounters with past and current romantic possibilities. Among them are a star-struck but underage (don’t worry he doesn’t have sex with her) girl named Knives and a bit of a bitch named Ramona who’s got an inclination to dump and even swap boyfriends at the drop of a hat. Ultimately, this leads to anime style fighting that apparently have video game points at stake as well.


Just about ready for the final boss!

If you haven’t figured it out, this is a pretty goofy movie. It is a comedy, so it’s allowed to be.
But its early stages aren’t so good. Jokes are not funny, just lame. Mediocre at best acting doesn’t help.

Pee meter? Who could have thought this was cool?

Pee meter? Who could have thought this was cool?

Things do pick up in the middle part as the humor improves and we get some good fight scenes. But the movie is still not great. Not bad, but not great either.

One thing I want to mention is the sound effects from video games used throughout this film. It’s a nice homage. Zelda is used by far the most here. Mario and Sonic get some use yet the number of games whose sounds are played seems limited a tad by how many companies Universal wanted to pay royalties to. This is a nice effect that I haven’t seen since I watched episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.



Don’t they know arcades are virtually dead?

To be honest, there’s really not much to say about this film. It’s another mildly entertaining
slapstick comedy. Take away the references to other stuff and there wouldn’t actually be much to make it stand out.

Call me crazy, but I think Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is only worth a rental. There’s much better comedies out there.

Overall: 6 out of 10


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