The Ray Rice scandal demonstrated the folly of celebrity worship


CelebrityWorship2 Not Heroes.

I must say, I have actually found a bit of humor in the Ray Rice domestic violence story. Not the wife beating, I assure you. I’m talking about how foolish it has made the… how can I put this lightly… uncritical fans of pro athletes and other celebrities look. I always find it amusing when celebrities people considered to be heroes for no better reason than that they were in the public eye (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brett Favre, Chris Brown, Robert Blake, Mel Gibson, etc.) get in one kind of trouble or another. Because it shows us that these are not, in fact, special people but are actually flawed people just like you and I. The bonus is those who still refuse to grasp this truth.

Again, that is not to say that I condone the domestic violence involved here. Ray Rice beat up his wife, a terrible deed by any standard. I’m just pointing out that it serves as a powerful refutation of one of those myths that are obviously false but that the masses still never allow themselves to question.


So while everyone loved seeing this little bastard die in Game of Thrones, many would have bowed to him in another age.

There had already been indications that the National Football League had covered up this incident, but now damning evidence has been revealed: the NFL was apparently sent a recording of Rice punching out his wife back in April. Needless to say, this goes against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s version of this scandal. I believe there are two possibilities here:

1.) If Goodell didn’t know of this, he is not in control of the NFL.

2.) If he did know, he tried to whitewash the incident to protect a member of the “good ‘ol boys” club.

Either way, I frankly fail to see why Goodell should be Commissioner of the NFL. He should instead be informed that he is wished well in future endeavors if he is not guilty of obstruction of justice.

A good heave-ho of justice?

A good heave-ho of justice?

But not everyone feels the same. The CBS Sports story I linked you to included a comments section in which many of them were quick to defend Goodell. One classy individual even said, “Who gives a crap?” Granted, comment sections often have many irrational people. But it’s likely that many others in this society would agree that Goodell’s position, not his actions, define his character.

The same is true of Ray Rice and other celebrities in trouble. We deify celebrities. Period. I’m not saying that these celebrities didn’t earn their money, but I don’t feel as though they are owed any more than that. It is apparent many disagree with this concept. In most news interviews of celebrities, the interviewer will have a stupid-ass grin. Why? Because he feels that he is in the presence of a superior being.

Well, that thinking is not for me. A celebrity in trouble is just a celebrity in trouble. But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


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