Blood in a NES game???

BloodNES1Nintendo is well known as the most family-friendly of the three current video game console makers. Older Nintendo fans often have a problem with this. In fact, if online debates were all you had to go on, you might be lead to believe that the evidence is inconclusive. While I agree that acting as though “Nintendo only makes kiddie games” is the ultimate trump card is ironically immature (anyone want to argue that The Wizard Of Oz or The Lion King’s target audience makes them bad movies), to deny that Nintendo focuses on children is just stubborn. This is a company that did not allow Mortal Kombat Fatalities in its version until after the Sega version of the first game badly outsold Nintendo’s, and did not allow the enemies in the Super Nintendo version of Wolfenstein 3D to be Nazis. Nintendo has always counted Mom and Pop among its most critical consumers and isn’t above censoring third party games to please them.


Nintendo version

Which is why the image at the top of this post shocks me. It’s from Ninja Gaiden II, and the blood you see draining along the floor is of the main villain, The Jaquio. Basically, he’s just been killed for the first of three times (don’t ask) and is bleeding out. This leaves me with two questions:

1.) Why didn’t the media wolves bark? The Call Of Duty games get negative attention over less blood at a time, and they warn you with “M” ratings. This particular game was made back in the day when almost all console games were made for children. Yet I have never heard of this creating controversy.

2.) How did it get Nintendo’s approval in the first place? Remember that this company has a long history of censorship and strict quality controls (in these days a third party could only release five games a year or no license), but somehow Tecmo got away with lots of blood.

So holy water? No. Nazis? No. Death moves? Until after the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat has kicked ours in the sack, no. But enough blood for ten men spread across the floor?


I admit, maybe this article was just being mean to Nintendo for overlooking that blood scene. And maybe I briefly took a sneak attack at the media because it blames every tragedy short of Hurricane Sandy on video games.

Nevertheless, here’s what I want you to do the next time a game is censored or the media makes a big deal out of sex and violence in games. Facebook, Tweet, blog, or whatever the above picture of The Jaquio bleeding. You might want to add something about how even though the little kids saw it, not only did the world not end, it barely took notice.

Oh, wait. They’ll rebut that the 1992 LA riots were because of this game, not the acquittal of those corrupt cops. Shit.


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