Hour Of Victory


Have you ever seen the reviews for something and been amazed about some of the things that were said about it? Well, I read and watched reviews of Hour Of Victory years ago and thought some of them were mistaken. Well, they weren’t. At all. This game really is that bad.

How bad? Let’s just say that it’s significantly worse than last week’s Predator. This game is a not even half-assed Call Of Duty clone. More like quarter-assed. I, who paid only six bucks for this on Ebay, feel like I got screwed. And if I feel screwed over, can you imagine how those who paid $50-$60 felt? Ugh.

Plot: 3 out of 10

Here’s the first clue. The manual claims that you’re destroying some superweapon built by the Nazis during World War II. That’s news to me. It seems more like a bunch of disconnected missions akin to the Call Of Duty series. Plus, we get names we don’t know, so it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Amazingly, what just I described may be the peak of the entire game.

Graphics: 2 out of 10

Was Hour Of Victory originally meant for the Xbox 360? I ask because little in this game looks like it couldn’t have been done on the original Xbox. Probably the HD capabilities, but that’s about it. Nothing in this game looks remotely comparable to, say, the Gears Of WarHalo, or Grand Theft Auto games on the 360.

And that’s not the half of it. Everything is extremely blocky. And landscape, structures, and character models don’t really fit one another. Worst is the sections of people or objects that look detached. Hadn’t these kinds of problems been ironed out a decade before?


And now that I look at this picture, the wheels don’t even look attached.

Sound: 3 out of 10

Voice acting’s pretty bad. Same with the sound effects. Music’s actually OK, but nothing you’ll remember after playing.

Gameplay: 1 out of 10

From the moment gameplay begins, you’ll realize how much this game is ripping off Call Of Duty. The WWII setting, enemies, turrets, tanks, even the design of a hand holding your gun seem stolen from that game.

Originality aside, Hour Of Victory has rather clumsy controls. It’s not like you have to exaggerate your movements or take it extra slow or anything, but neither are your characters particularly graceful.

On top of that, the gun recoil is all but nonexistent. I guess Midway doesn’t understand the concept of giving big and powerful weapons heavy (and true-to-life) recoil as a way of adding strategy.

And then there’s the three characters, Calvin “Bull” Blackbull, William Ross, and Ambrose Taggert. Were I a more cynical reviewer, I’d conclude that this was just to add more to a game that you can complete in well under an hour. In theory, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, Taggert’s stealth is difficult to use in a shooter in which everyone’s facing you. Bull is even worse, as the cursor for his sniping mode is very slow and jerky. Only Ross is a reasonably acceptable choice. Why? Seemingly just because he’s a generic FPS character. That’s the best Hour Of Victory has to offer: almost competent execution of something everybody does.

Unfortunately, you are forced to use a turret or vehicle at times. You see, the controls for these contraptions are just as bad as Bull’s sniping. Worse, the shots are extremely inaccurate, to the point where if the cursor is not indicating that you’ve locked on, you probably won’t hit unless with ricochets (which seem to hit a lot more than in other games).

All this might not score so low if not for the glitches. Let’s just say that you can lose for no apparent reason. Just pathetic.

Challenge: – 4 out of 10

The worst part of this game is how stupid the Nazi soldiers are. They will do such weird shit as run in to fight hand-to-hand, shoot at their own cover, stay out of cover, do nothing, or even teleport around. Yes, it’s that bad. This is the most absolutely moronic A.I. I have ever seen.


Yes, that’s an enemy who’s shooting AWAY from me.

How easy the game is depends on how you play. These Nazis ordinarily couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, but I mentioned that ricochets seem magnetically attracted to you. When you learn to avoid fighting near walls, this is an easy game.

Overall: 0 out of 10

I missed Bomberman: Act Zero, so Hour Of Victory has to be what I consider to be the worst game of the last generation. It’s also literally one of the worst games of all time, right up there with Action 52 and Superman (N64). Not long after this piece of shit was made, Midway went out of business, its franchises (such as Mortal Kombat) having been auctioned off. Good on them.


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