Clash Of the Titans


Sam Worthington as Perseus
Gemma Arterton as Io
Ralph Fiennes as Hades
Liam Neeson as Zeus
Alexa Davalos as Andromeda
Mads Mikkelsen as Draco
Ian Whyte as Sheikh Suleiman

A remake of the 1981 film of the same name, Clash Of the Titans is a film set in ancient Greece. And you know what a movie is about when it’s set in ancient Greece, right? The myths about Zeus, Hercules, and Aphrodite.

Alas, this concept has been done much better than in this movie. In fact, Clash Of the Titans really isn’t about Greek myths as much as it’s about fighting big monsters. This could work, but not with such shallowly developed characters and a very weak plot.

A disc menu without bonus features or even a scene selection great sign.

A disc menu without bonus features or even a scene selection. Great sign.

Basically, we have the classic “mortals prove that they are not just the gods’ toys” story. And the half-god, half-man Perseus is the one who sets out to prove it. This is something that has worked before, but in this movie, we skip through the usual part where people are slow to believe that they can stand against the gods to very few doubting it. There’s not even an attempt to match Mel Gibson screaming “freedommmmmm” in Braveheart, I’m afraid. Another bad thing about the plot is that there’s not really any particularly compelling supporting character. No Han Solo (Star Wars) or War Machine (Iron Man) equivalent.

In a rather large liberty taken, we are told that Zeus thrives on our worship and Hades on our fear (who’s a good guy and who’s a bad guy should be clear). I’m no expert on the Greek myths, but I don’t think the gods were dependent on us. Didn’t they exist before humans? Their whole purpose was to be something bigger than the Greeks to explain things they couldn’t understand. I think this may be one of these cases of Hollywood making the gods less powerful than they were in the mythology.

The acting is not very good. It’s not atrocious or anything, but it’s uninspired. Well, except for the always great Liam Neeson as Zeus. Otherwise, most people sleepwalk through their performances like they just want to get back to smokin’ pot offset.


The end of production celebration on the set of Clash Of the Titans.

Of course, the fights with giant monsters are Clash Of the Titans’ real attraction. The CGI models of the monsters are very well-done, as are the fights. So yes, this movie has great action.

But subtract good acting, supporting characters, and plot, and the good action doesn’t really make it worth watching.

Clash Of the Titans is one of those movies that thrive on effects and action. It’s far from the worst movie ever, but it is worse than average.

Overall: 4 out of 10


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