The two most important mafia scenes ever


You know the mafia from the movies and TV? K’know, those movies and TV shows with the likes Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and James Gandolfini (sorry he had to die so early in life) playing gangsters? Then you probably remember people shooting other people, committing robberies, and all kinds of illegal trade. They seem to get away with everything, don’t they?

In fact, you might be led to believe that everyone who works for a crime family is a genius. But there’s actually quite a few not-so-bright guys in mobs. It’s just that they tend not to last very long.

Thankfully, Goodfellas, one my favorite movies, by the way, does show some rather dim gangsters. After a historic bank heist, the leader of the operation, Jimmy Conway, is still given a reason to be pissed-off. You see, most of his guys decide that now’s the time to buy big. This even though the cops are watching every gangster in town closely.

So Jimmy decides to whack his crew before someone is caught and rats everybody else out. Or maybe he was just looking for an excuse to whack people and keep their shares for himself. You decide.

I love these scenes. They show the true reason the families are so hard to catch. It’s not because everybody’s a mastermind. It’s because everybody’s looking to tie up any loose ends, if you know what I mean.

We also learn a very important lesson for anyone in a big city.


Don’t let a wiseguy behind you.


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