Mega Man 6

Mega Man 6-1

One of the NES’ last games, Mega Man 6 is also a marking point for its series as it was the last of its kind to make it to the NES, by far the system Mega Man is most closely identified with. Yet it didn’t really get played by all that many people. I’m one of the few. It’s unfortunate that the end of the purest form of this great series was very overlooked. Or not. Because the NES was coming to a close, everything about MM6 says “rushed.”

Although I never lost interest, getting this game not long after it came out, I found it wanting even then. It just didn’t have any spark to it. It was only recently that I’ve given it much playtime since. There’s a lot to be said there.

Plot: 3 out of 10

Take away the mustache and beard and X looks just like... oops!

Take off that beard and X looks just like… oops!

Some new douche bag named Mr. X sabotaged a robot tournament by reprogramming its competitors and using them for
for world domination. The image above pretty much clues you in that X is really Dr. Wily in disguise. These attempts to trick the audience about the villain are getting to be both gratuitous and patronizing. It’s the fourth time that they’ve pulled this one on us. As a trusting kid, I knew Wily would be the villain Before I’d even read Nintendo Power magazine’s summary of it, But Mega Man doesn’t find out until most of the game is over. I can stomach the lie that the FBI wouldn’t be sealing off Wily’s access to what he needs to build machines or wouldn’t notice the Skull Castle even though he’s gotta be like Al Capone squared by now. But Mega Man is starting to look very foolish for not noticing the similarity in the smoke-screen.

Graphics: 8 out of 10

Reasonably solid. That’s all one can really say because the graphical scheme is the same great one as always. Rush (a robo-dog) now changes into strap-ons instead of vehicles. That is about the biggest break from tradition.

Sound: 4 out of 10

In a word, uninspired. The music is not what I would call great, good, or even average. The beats are neither catchy nor memorable. Despite having recently played the game, I am hard-pressed remember much about the soundtrack.

Gameplay: 7 out of 10

The good news is that the Rush adapters are greatly improved. The old Coil, Marine, And Jet adapters are gone. Replacing them is the new Rush Jet. It’s a jet pack that lets you fly upwards for short distances. And it’s pretty handy. The Rush Power is a strong but short-ranged weapon that can destroy blockades, enabling to reach areas you couldn’t otherwise. Notice that these items don’t run out energy. The Rush Power can be charged up, while the Rush Jet powers out after awhile and recharges.

The bad news is that level design is questionable. The enemies are very generic. And many bosses have bosses from previous games looking over their shoulders.

Mega Man 6-3

What’s next? Vacuum Cleaner Man?

Beat is back and he no longer has a required letter hidden in every stage. half the first eight stages have an alternate path to the end that will lead to you getting one of the four letters necessary to get him.

Challenge: 7 out of 10

The difficulty’s probably down a little from the fourth and fifth games. This is largely a matter of cleverness. Because the programmers were in such a hurry, the difficulty suffers as a result. At least they resisted the temptation to make up for this with cheap deaths. That would have been much worse.

Overall: 6 out of 10

Not bad at all. Just no meat on the bones. For fans only. Others will find it uninteresting.

I have officially reviewed all the NES’ Mega Man games. I’ll not be reviewing any of the other additions to the series for some time.


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