Leprechaun: In the Hood

Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun
Anthony Montgomery as Postmaster P.
Ice-T as Mack Daddy

Ain’t that tagline a good sign? I’ve known 1950s squares who could’ve come up with a cooler tag. And that’s probably the best part of the film, too.

The Leprechaun movies are a lousy horror/comedy series that seemingly rip off the concept from Child’s Play (cartoonish symbol turning out to be a hellish menace). The concept of all these movies is that a few people have somehow gotten the gold of an ugly, unusually violent leprechaun and because they won’t give it back, he’s trying to kill them. And like most supernatural horror villains, the Leprechaun is invulnerable except for one weakness. What’s the weakness? A four-leaf clover. Basically, wildness dominates through the whole series, though the first two had an unintentional humor factor. Then it got just a little too crazy. Part three took the Leprechaun into Vegas. Then he went to space. In this and the sixth and final (barring yet another horror reboot) movie, The Leprechaun goes to the ghetto.

Our protagonists/victims are some plucky rappers led by one Postmaster P. who are looking for a break. And, yes, they’re very stereotypical black males. How stereotypical? So stereotypical that when they get turned down by a music producer and gangsta’ who’s literally named Mack Daddy, their first instinct is to steal from him. Coincidentallly, one of Mack Daddy’s belongings has the imprisoned spirit of the Leprechaun, which is released by these thieves. Our intrepid archetypes managed to get the Leprechaun’s gold, so he’s after them.

A typical African-American to the writing staff of Leprechaun: in the Hood.

I know better than to expect much from actors in horror films (especially those that never made it to the theater). But two performances in this movie are different. Warwick Davis was always way, way over the top, complete with a patronizingly fake Irish accent. I never thought Scrooge McDuck’s Scottish accent would ever come off as tasteful and subtle by comparison. Ice-T sucks too, but what do you expect from an rapper turned actor?

The Leprechaun is about as scary as a rose. And as that poster above indicated, the attempts at humor fail even more miserably. So this movie sucks on two major counts. To go along with that, ghetto cliches lurk around every corner. A hearty black preacher and a overprotective black motherly woman show up at some point, for instance.

The Leprechaun pimps women! Komedy!

Leprechaun: In the Hood is probably the worst in the series, and that’s saying something. It’s not just awful horror, it’s something you’re likely to be embarrassed you’re even watching.

Overall: 1 out of 10


One thought on “Leprechaun: In the Hood

  1. Creature with the Atom Brain

    Jennifer Anston’s debut movie role was in Leprechaun I, Interestingly I heard it was seemingly forgotten about in her autobiography 😀 I don’t think this movie should get 1/10, that indicates that it couldn’t be any worse, you clearly haven’t seen Leprechaun: Back 2 da Hood ha! Great post 😀


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